Land at Anse La Mouche

Land at Anse La Mouche

4309 m2
Tr. type:
385000 euro

Land at Anse La Mouche

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Possibility to construct villa 400 m2
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Surface : 4,309 m2

80 meters above sea level, great view on Anse La Mouche and Anse Aux Poules Bleues 

An Up Market Estate: when observing the size of the properties surrounding this property, you will notice clearly that privacy is an asset of this estate which will remain UP MARKET.

The contours: the top of the land, boarding the upper part of the property is at 100 meters above sea level. The average altitude of the property is 80 meters which guarantees a great view. Each contour indicates a declension of 5 meters.

Dimension of the land: 33 meters along the road, 72 m at the bottom. Side distances: 83 and 103 meters long.

Potential development and the view on the Anse La Mouche Bay/ Anse Aux Poules Bleues: as an example, we indicated a red square of 20 m by 20 m, meaning a 400 m2 villa.

From the veranda, you can imagine the angle of the view, indicated in two orange lines; indeed the land is wider at the bottom part and you control the height of the trees for not obstructing your view. 

The land has been cleared of the large trees.

The value of this property is of course the land, the location and its environment. 

The price is 355 000 euro.

Eden Plaza, Eden Island

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