Real estate in Seychelles

Real estate in Seychelles

The thought: "Why not to own a property here in Seychelles?" appears in mind of many tourists visiting Seychelles.  By the way, in Seychelles real estate is much more pleasant for your pocket (regarding purchase prices which are affordable,  tax friendly laws, expenses for maintenance) then at Cote d'Azur, for example.

The facts:

 Seychelles is safe for living.

 The population is only 110 000 people who are friendly. 

 Seychelles boasts one of the world’s healthiest, malaria-free climates in the world.

 The temperatures remain between 27 and 32 all year round. You can swim in the ocean all year around! Not only 3-4 month per year.

 Real estate market is stable. 

 No visa requirements. Simple procedure to get residence permit for 5 years (with a possibility of extention).

Of course it is better to come and to see this by your own eyes at least once then just to hear more then 1000!

Villa (house) in Seychelles 

This is the most popular type of property in Seychelles.
Prices start from 120 000 euro and depend on:
- location (location is always № 1 criteria in real estate)
- distance from the beach
- view
- land size
- factors which influence marketability of the property
- year of construction
- design and furnishing

The houses in the price range 100 000 - 200 000 euro are rare, usually they need to be renovated.

The majority of the offers are presented in range 250 000 - 600 000 euro. They have good location in upmarket areas, nor far away from the beach (3-7 minutes drive),  with nice view,  in good condition, with land plot 1500 - 3000 m2 or more.

The beachfront properties are rare, the prices start from 1 000 000 euro and the demand is very high. 
In Seychelles you can find state-of-art properties which does not have analogues in the world (3 - 20 mln euros and more). The upper level does not exist. You can buy even the private island (we have the island for sale, asking price is 29 millions euro, however the owner would like to get the offer from interested party. If the interest is serious and the decision may be taken fast - the price can be negotiated). 

Land in Seychelles

Land - is the  main asset in Seychelles and prices for the land are always growing up.

Beachfront land is  rare and it is almost finished!

You may build a villa (house), complex of apartments or chalets, large hotel or guest-house, restaurant or café, representative office according to your needs and imagination.

Prices start from 60 000 euro (small land, no view).

Land with selling price in range from 100 000 to 150 000 euro may be located closer to the beach and to have the view.

You may buy the land for commercial purposes starting from 400 000 euro.

The prices for the beachfront land properties usually start from 1 000 000 euro. Depending on the size. 

Price depend on the location, view, relief, distance from the beach, area, size and certain another factors. 

Apartment in Seychelles

Apartment is the most rare type of the property in Seychelles. On the secondary market the offers are rare and at the same time on the primary market the prices are quite high (for example at Eden Island). 

You can buy and then rent your apartment in purpose to get constant income. 

Not so many real estate buyers are interested to buy the apartment because usually they need the property for personal use. If they buy a property in Seychelles, they wish to enjoy privacy, space and no neighbors in the same block of apartments. 
Following this purpose - detached house or villa can give more comfort and privacy.

Eden Plaza, Eden Island

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