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There is a great variety of  accommodation options in Seychelles. Sometimes the choice is so impressive that you may start to hesitate what to choose, how to choose. Reading and analyzing of reviews may consume huge amount of your time.

Let us make the life easier:

There are large hotels on Mahe and Praslin island, usually beachfront, located on the best spots. Small boutique hotels are very popular in Seychelles. In addition we have  great  selection of guest houses, chalets, bungalows, apartments amazingly location. 

The islands such as  Felicite, Cousine, Fregate, North, St.Anne, Alphonse, Denis, Bird, Desroches generally operate on the concept "one island - one hotel". Normally these are  exclusive and luxurious. 
No camping options exist in Seychelles.

Regarding the food in Seychelles : you may revert to our page “Culinary experience” in Seychelles.   Almost everywhere the food is tasty,  the portions are big and everything is cooked with love. Usually the hotels are working in BB, HB and FB basis. 
In certain hotels it is highly recommended to book HB (breakfast and dinner), because the cuisine is amazing and you will also enjoy discounts when booking HB in advance. Or we advise to do the same if the hotel is located far away from everything and there are no cafe and restaurants in close proximity. There are hotels where we would not recommend to book dinners in advance (expensive, not the best quality and many better options just next door). The choice of meal plan depends only on certain hotel. 

The choice of the accomodation in Seychelles  

Your holiday depends a lot on the choice of accomodation. Good or bad option affects the overall impression of the holiday. How to make right choice for 100%? 

At first you may be excited because there is a plenty of  information and reviews about every hotel. But one of the complications is hidden in that fact that in 80 % of  cases are contradictory. Sometimes the hotels provide not everything correctly (please keep in mind that the purpose of each accomodation is to attract the attention to themselves and to sell the nights at certain (their) hotel . 
And ideally you need to know everything accurately and objectively. You need to know everything about more them 200 accomodations in Seychelles in case if you want to hit the target. 

Following the advises of friends or unknown tourists may seem as another great idea. But all people have different point of views, different style of holidays, various expectations from the level of service, comfort, food etc etc etc.
The couples who are looking for peace and tranquility are not dreaming to live in noisy room or at the hotel with a lot of children and vice versa: if you are looking for parties, disco, active time – you will feel very bored in the place with limited entertainment options far away from everything (taxi is quite expensive in Seychelles) 

Fast and wise decision: describe the style of holiday you are looking for? How you would like to feel at  your vacation? We will select for you only those accomodations which will fit your expectations for 100%.   It is so easy and saves a lot of your time! 

Seychelles lifehacks

1. In Seychelles the hotels should be chosen by taking in consideration of moonson winds. 
Nobody wants to swim in  seaweed, or on dangerous beach full of corals and rocks for example. In certain bays at certain seasons swimming is dangerous  (or impossible)! Seychelles is a place where “Bounty” film was created. White sand, crystal clear azure waters, warm wind - you have to think only about this when sitting in the plane departing from Mahe (and long time in your memory until the moment when you decide to come back again :)

2. It is highly recommended to plan and to book your holidays in advance. The best value for money (non depending on the category of the hotel, from 2 up to 5 star) are usually occupied up to 100%. If you have decided to book your trip in 1-2 weeks before the departure – there is a risk of absence of availability of rooms at hotel from your wish list.

3. It  happens  quite often that the price for the room in Seychelles are exclusive of taxes, which can be added  in amount 10 - 25% in addition to the room rate. Our prices always include all taxes and fees. We never add any extra fees or additional charges.

4.  Imagine: there are two hotels  of the same category, let us say  5 star, they have almost the same night rate but in reality they may differ as heaven and hell. Does exist somebody wishing to sleep under noisy a/c? To live in the room with broken power sockets? To wait for buggy 25 minutes instead of 3? To swim in dirty swimming pool?  To see dirty carpet? To get wrong invoices for..... 500 euro per night? Yes, it is possible. Or for the same budget you may enjoy new interior, state-of-art service, to get complimentary foot massage, fruit basketor bottle of wine, to have 3 different pools and even the service of dedicated butler.  For the same budget!
Similar analogue we could describe in another price ranges, starting from 80 euros per night.

5. In the Seychelles does not work  the principle of " the most expensive is on the beachfront,  the location on the 2 line or in the mountains is cheaper”.

6. It is important to analyze additional services. For example, in some hotels Wi Fi is complimentary and in other hotels it is for extra charge and the expenses might become impressive especially if you are used to check your facebook or instagram several times per day or to see videos in youtube.

7. The nature in Seychelles provides high season 365 days per year.
But the hotels have another  point of view (let us exclude Christmas peak season from the discussion). Most of them have their own schedule  of "low" and "high" seasons. Prices can be considerably different, for example, the same room in the low season costs 150 euros per night and 270 euros in high season. When planning your trip dates, knowledge and using of these benefits can significantly reduce your costs. Saved money might be spent on many another things.

We  not only recommend the accomodation according to your demands, but we will also advice in what seasons in certain hotel you may save money (or on the contrary: when you have to be prepared for big hole in your wallet Anyway you will not regret about this :)

8. The majority of the hotels in the Seychelles offer free nights, early booking benefits etc etc depending on the schedule and periods of booking. There are special rates for repeaters, for honeymooners, for divers,  island hoppers,  special food packages and much more.

LGBT club has the largest selection of  best accomodation and we check them personally. We do not work with certain hotels and accommodation which  do not meet ours criterias and expectations of our customers. 

Our team is working for you 24/7.
You will have personal manager who will take care of everything needed before, during and after your stay in Seychelles. 

  • Hotels on island Mahe

    Mahe — the main island of the Seychelles archipelago with more than 70 beautiful beaches to choose from!

  • Hotels on island Praslin

    Praslin is the home of the incredible Coco de Mer palm tree. The island's shorelines likewise rank among the most lovely in the entire world.

  • Hotels on island La Digue

    La Digue will spellbind your heart with its perfect shorelines, rich wilderness and its little, sentimental harbor town.

  • Hotels on island Cerf

    Cerf is Mahé’s closest neighbour and offers excellent swimming and snorkelling as well as memorable sunbathing on several great beaches.

  • Hotels on island Alphonse

    The island provides excellent opportunities for fly-fishing, deep-sea fishing, and diving in virgin waters. 

  • Hotels on island Round

    A close neighbour to Moyenne in the Ste Anne Marine National Park, Round Island features stunning beaches and coves with memorable swimming.

  • Hotels on island Silhouette

    Silhouette is ideal for walkers wishing to penetrate the mysteries of an island once reputed to be the home of pirate Hodoul, whose hidden treasure still was not found!

  • Hotels on island Fregate

    Once Fregate Island has been a favorite of pirates, and now here you will find the hotel, one of the best in the world.

  • Hotels on island Denis

    Gleaming white beaches and its 5-star resort is the perfect getaway offering seclusion in comfort and with excellent gourmet cuisine and fishing experience.  

  • Hotels on island Desroches

    Desroches Island Resort are serviced by air from Mahé in a flight-time of approximately 40 minutes, and offers spectacular opportunities for deep sea fishing, fly-fishing and diving. 

  • Hotels on island North

    North Island is a rare sanctuary for those seeking a luxurious, unspoiled and completely exclusive haven. The vibe is chic and relaxed; this is bare foot luxury at its very best.

  • Hotels on island Bird

    In the early 1970's, Bird turned to tourism, and with several conservation programmes in place, the Bird Island Lodge stands at the forefront of eco-tourism in Seychelles.

  • Hotels on island Ste. Anne

    The largest island in the Ste Anne Marine National Park, lies 4km off the east coast of Mahé  in close proximity to its neighbours, Cerf, Round and Moyenne Islands.


Eden Plaza, Eden Island

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