Is Seychelles lgbt friendly?

Seychelles welcomes tourists with open arms. This include tourists regardless of origin, race, religious believe what includes sexual orientation.

Do I need to have visa to visit Seychelles?

There are no visa  requirements to enter Seychelles, however on your arrival at the airport you do need to show Immigration officers proof of a return air ticket out of the country, as well as proof of accommodation and sufficient funds, in order to get a visitor permit on arrival.

How do we travel around the islands?

There are a number of ways  to get from one island to another including scheduled flights, private charters and helicopters, ferry and boats. You can also take local transport or private road transfers.

Is English widely spoken?

Yes. English is widely spoken on the islands alongside French and Creole.

What is the local food like? 

The Seychelles is a popular tourist destination with some excellent restaurants specialising in a wide range of International cuisine… everything from Thai to Italian. There are some Creole dishes and the fresh seafood is delicious. 

Are the Seychelles as wonderful as people say?

Yes….the Seychelles have some of the most beautiful beaches and exclusive resorts in the world, with pristine coral reefs providing word-class scuba diving and snorkelling. Popular with couples wanting a very special holiday, the Seychelles is also a lovely place for island hopping – you can even use local transport if you like you enjoy   It’s a year-round destination with temperatures ranging between 25-29°.

Eden Plaza, Eden Island

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