About company

About company

Dear Friends,

We are experienced online travel company based in Seychelles, dedicated to the most beautiful islands.

We are a team of inspired people with experience in tourism 25+ years,  whose main objective is to work together and create a product that will matter for the LGBT community. 

The number of our LGBT clients is increasing very fast.  Why clients choose us? 

- Our portfolio contains a selection of handmade programs. 

- More then 65% of our clients are repeaters. 

- The quality of our services and the safety are our main priorities.

- Our clients enjoy personalized travel programs with the best value for money. 

- Usually our rates are much more pleasant in comparaison with many online competitors. Our partners provide us with the best possible rates and special offers for our special clientele. 

- We provide 24 * 7 support throughout your trip.

Our mission is to help you plan your perfect vacation: not simply a period of recreation spent away from home, but a unique, customized, inspiring and life-enriching experience that will stay with you forever.

We believe it is the human touch that makes all the difference. 

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    LGBT Related FAQs about traveling to Seychelles

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