Transport in Seychelles

Transport in Seychelles

There are a number of modes of transport in Seychelles. Seychelles possesses transportation systems which include: 453km of roads (of which 400km are paved), seaports and airports. The country lacks railways. The main seaport is Victoria, and Seychelles has no merchant marine. There are fourteen airports in Seychelles, the major ones including Seychelles International Airport and Praslin Island Airport. Of the fourteen airports, six have runways that are paved.

To get around

The best way to get around Seychelles depends on where you're based: Bus service is commendable on both Mahé and Praslin, while visitors to tiny, flat La Digue would benefit most from a bicycle. If you're planning to travel between islands, Seychelles' ferry services are both convenient and reliable. Taxis can also be found on all three of Seychelles' main islands (though less easily on La Digue), and serve as the most convenient way to get from Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) on Mahé's east coast to Victoria and other destinations around the island. You'll find airports on Praslin and several other smaller islands, which are serviced by Air Seychelles and a few other airlines offering inter-island transportation.


The Seychelles Public Transport Corporation provides public bus services on Mahé and Praslin, two of Seychelles' three most visited islands. Buses run every day from 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.


If you're staying on La Digue, you'll find the island is small and flat enough to easily navigate on two wheels. Most guesthouses provide bike rentals for guests, and several shops loan out wheels.


Cars may be hired only on Mahé and Praslin with several companies represented at the International airport on Mahé and at the larger hotels. Hired vehicles, which can also be booked through your tour operator, range from Mini-Mokes to saloon cars, 4-wheel drives, chauffeured Mercedes Benz and small vans. A valid E.U. or International licence is required to rent vehicles and most companies will deliver your rental to a location of your choice. Vehicles are driven on the left-hand side.

However, you should take extra precautions when getting behind the wheel: Mahé's roads can be steep, and tight turns are common. Stay safe by driving slowly, and keep your eyes on the road.


Independently operated taxis are available on Mahé and Praslin, and a handful on La Digue. You can hail one from the street, at designated taxi stands or by simply phoning a driver directly.  It is advisable to request a metered ride, or if a particular taxi is not equipped with a meter, quotes should be negotiated and agreed prior to the trip.  Many drivers will take clients on sightseeing tours for a set tariff.


Two types of sea ferry operate in Seychelles: the traditional and the modern. The traditional, sail-assisted schooner-type ferries operate from the BaieSte.Anne Jetty on Praslin to La Passe Jetty on La Digue.

The modern modes are the Cat Cocos service, that operate transfers between the Inter-Island Quay of Victoria and the BaieSte. Anne Jetty on Praslin (less than 1hour duration), and the Cat Roses, a catamaran that operates mainly from the BaieSte.Anne Jetty on Praslin to La Passe Jetty on La Digue.


Air Seychelles, a reputable inter-island carrier, offers transport between Mahé and Praslin (there is no airport on La Digue). Flights from Mahé depart from the domestic terminal at Seychelles International Airport (SEZ), located about 5 miles south of Victoria; the Praslin Airport can be found on the island's northwest coast. A one-way trip takes roughly 15 minutes and flights depart every hour. For a more luxurious journey, book a private flight between the islands with ZilAir, which flies helicopters between all the Inner Seychelles Islands.

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