LGBT tours to Seychelles

LGBT Tours to Seychelles

Bonzour, as we say here. You have arrived 7° south of the equator. Welcome to Seychelles LGBT Club!

5 reasons to entrust your travel to us

Seychelles LGBT Club is travel company 100% dedicated to Seychelles and based in Seychelles. Our specialists have 25+ years experience in tourism & hospitality.

Our clients enjoy:

-  the best value for money
-  diverse choice of programs for vacation
-  independent collection of hotels, guest houses and holiday homes matching with individual personality and style.
All of our property owners welcome you.

Yes, we know that many LGBT travellers worry about the welcome they will receive at their holidays, especially when travelling in new destination.
We hand pick LGBT-friendly accommodation in Seychelles. All hotels/ guest houses/ private villas are visited personally and all details are known on the inside.

We strictly control the quality of the accomodation and all services that appear on the website. 
Usually our clients don’t have time to browse through numerous websites to find the buried treasure. This hard work is already done by us.  

  It is not about ticking boxes. 
We love Seychelles and we desire you to fall in Love with the most beautiful islands on our planet.

Besides keeping of certain clear criterias for quality and service we focus on personality, spirit and non standard approach to the ideas of your vacation.

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5 things you should know before exploring Seychelles

It doesn't require a visa.  
You may catch the tickets for the plane and to depart tomorrow or even today.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive hotels!
In Seychelles there is a lot of alternative just a few steps from the beach. Cosy guesthouses, charming apartments and friendly owners will make you feel like at home.

  Don't miss seeing more then 255 amazing spots.
Seychelles is the biggest museum of pristine nature in the world.

It is not just for couples.  
Seychelles is unique mix of relaxed holidays with inclusion of adventures.
Welcome with your friends!

Even if you have visited Seychelles already 19 times, there is always a lot of new things to discover.

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Eden Plaza, Eden Island

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